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September Updates - Activity Check!
by Uriah Tipper
Sept 16, 2014 23:14:31 GMT
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In Character

The City

The City is at the heart of the dreamscape, stretching across 145 square miles. It is roughly circular and very modern, resembling any metropolitan city on Earth. However, the architecture is extremely plain, blocky and gray. There is little to nothing in the way of street signs or notable landmarks. The shops aren't labeled, and the name of the City is nowhere to be found. Because it is so difficult to navigate successfully, the City is very easy to get lost in. Many different types of robots keep the City clean and well stocked. The robots repair anything that has been broken, clean the apartments and shops every day, and sweep the streets. The City appears to be mostly deserted other than these mechanical workers. Houses make up the majority of the southern part of the City, sitting on the river that runs through it, while huge factories make up the northern side. The City Base District area has a great number of large skyscrapers. Each morning, factories start without hesitation and the lights turn on just after sunset without fail, and machines that keep the city in order work each day. Most of the buildings seem to be in good shape.

Bag of Crazy [Ethel and Fidget]
by Fidget
Dec 2, 2014 15:40:11 GMT
The Underworld

Deep beneath both surface of the Dreamworld is the Underworld. The deeper one descends into the Underworld the darker it becomes. Closer to the surface, some sunlight manages to make it's way in, but further down the Underworld is completely black. It is very cool, winding passages descending deeper and deeper into the earth. In some places, the caverns widen into spacious rooms with black lakes. In others, the passages become so thin it becomes difficult for even smaller creatures to navigate their way through.

Shrooms Tho [Auxin/Alice]
by Alice
Mar 27, 2014 13:05:58 GMT
The Forest

The forest takes up the majority of the land. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the trees are spread wider apart. The forest floor is covered with new growth and various plants. The closer one navigates toward the center of the forest the thicker and wider the trees become. The branches overhead begin to become so intertwined that they begin to block nearly all light from getting through at all. Toward the east, the land begins to slope upward, becoming rockier as the forest gives way to the mountains. Toward the North, the trees thin into nothing where the Moor begins. There is a river that runs through the Forest, but the exact location of the river tends to change about. The river will not be in the same place it was from one day to the other. Because of the sheer size of the Forest, it is another place that has a tendency to confuse already lost travelers.

Campfire Talk (Dulce, Darwin)
by Alterix
Nov 30, 2014 18:43:08 GMT
The Moorlands

The moors are characterized the marshy peat land and low-lying sedges. It’s not difficult to find yourself ankle-deep in a combination of decomposing plant material and mud when treading these swamp-like lands. As the moor amalgamates with the delta, it becomes swampier, with siltly waters scattered across the turf. Northeast of the moor, a series of tall mountains encompass the furthermost parameters of the dreamscape, several foothills buffering their immense altitude. In general, the north is compromised more of balds and dense layers of shrubbery and grasses.

With an isolated gale, the Heavenly Sword Returns [Open]
by Kusanagi
Dec 3, 2014 18:02:16 GMT
The South Beach

The beach is just that--a beach. The beach is surprisingly rocky for a beach though, rocky crags of gray stone jutting into the ocean in some places and forming tide pools in others. The sand on the beach is a snowy white, very fine and soft. The waves that crash against the shore repeatedly don't seem to have any sense of high and low tide. The water will sometimes come all the way up to the grassy dunes at the far side of the beach while other times, the water will recede so far back it will expose flopping fish and other sea life to the open air. If one were to attempt to swim across the water here, they would find that the water stretches forever and there is nothing beyond it to swim to.

by Deleted
Mar 24, 2014 22:56:01 GMT
The River Delta

With average temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity averages of about 80 percent, the Delta isn't too unlike the Everglades. The delta is dominated by a myriad of reeds, cypresses, and mangrove trees. Northwest of the river, the delta is primarily sawgrass marshes and spike-rush prairies. To the northwest, the delta joins the Forest, evergreens such as pines and other coniferous trees blending into the vast woods. In the south, the mouth of the river form a series of estuaries and tidal flats, until finally emptying into the sea. Due to its turbulent climate, hurricanes often form over the ocean and blow into the delta, but because seasons and times are uncertain, no one can be for sure when the next storm will wreck havoc on the delta.

So A Swede and A Salamander Meet In A Bar...
by Axael
Apr 3, 2014 1:50:25 GMT
The Floating Island

High above the rest of the dreamscape is a very strange sight. Like an island floating in a sea of air, this colossal chunk of earth hovers high above everything else, defying gravity and all logic. Waterfalls run straight off of its sides, the torrents evaporating before they even hit the ground. Flocks of birds and bats can often be seen flapping around it. It's a couple thousand feet in the air, but it's exact location in the sky varies as it sways back and forth like a balloon on a string. It's tethered to the beach with very, very long roots coming from underneath the giant chunk of Earth. You could probably climb it but that's a long way up and the roots aren't exactly thick enough to support the average human body weight. However, smaller braver creatures, could potentially climb up or down between the towering island and the beach, though.

Western Scene [Lukas]
by Lukas Odeskog
Nov 30, 2014 17:39:55 GMT


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