City Base District

The city base district is the main hub in the City. Unlike the rest of the City, it actually has something in the way of decor. At sunset, the lights here will come on. Blinking neon signs are common, though rather eerie since the place is so empty. It is well maintained aside from the few derelict buildings that the robots have abandoned. There is a massive mall in the center of the place, a multitude of different shops with many different things inside. Shops, cinemas, restaurants and high-rise offices make up most of the other buildings here.

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Industrial Area

The industrial area of the city is where the majority of the factories are. Some have been left to become shells, slowly falling apart. Most of these are on the fringes of the regions. Most of the factories are still working, maintained and cleaned by automotive machines. The factories are enormous, clanking and whirring machines on their insides. Their smoke stacks belch clouds of thick, dark smoke up into the air. Each day, without fail, the factories start up and begin producing their goods. What comes out is an entirely different guessing game.

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The Sewers

Maybe the strangest part of the City, the Sewers are actually lavishly decorated despite what would be their use. Since there is near to nothing in the way of inhabitants in the City itself, the sewers are squeaky clean. The grates are decorated with engravings of various aquatic animals and artistic swirly shells. However, the deeper one travels into the sewers, the less artfully designed the sewer is. The sewers eventually connects to the Underworld.

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The Subway

Throughout the city, several entrances lead to the underground subway, which is positioned above the sewers. The stations are tidy and well kept by robots. Trains function as normal, and it's a good way of travel around the city, though the map names are in gibberish. The trains are sleek and modern, and navigate quickly. Good luck trying to get one in time though, the train times are spasmodic and change everyday.

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The City

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