The Temples

The temples are a series of large buildings, made of stone, which lay at the base of the hill of the floating isle. There are odd, nonsensical pictures, along with symbols that make even less sense, covering both its inner and outer walls. Massive statures of strange monsters guard the structures. Most of it has been reclaimed by the forest, but paths are still easily accessible by most patrons. The architectural style of the massive stone buildings, when compared to Earth's Mayan temples, is nearly identical. The main area is home to pilgrims, but most of the overgrown area is free for anyone to rest in. If they can find it.

Western Scene [Lukas]
by Lukas Odeskog
Nov 30, 2014 17:39:55 GMT
The Jungles

The Jungles are hot, muggy, and rainy. The foliage here is considerably more tropical in appearance than what grows in the Forest. Broad leafed ferns, and tall vine covered trees dominate this part of the dreamscape. The jungle is loud, positively crawling with all different types of life. Large, colorful flowers attract buzzing hummingbirds. Brightly colored parrots, birds of paradise, monkeys, and giant ants make their home here, as well as other stranger, nastier creatures. Small ponds and rivers are scattered across the island, home to piranhas and river sharks. The Stone Dog is known to stalk these jungles, as well as the Temples.

Look at the Sun (Lukas)
by Lukas Odeskog
Sept 18, 2014 17:48:25 GMT
The Arena

Located at the center of the Floating Island is an amphitheater of solid stone masonry: the Arena. It’s a rectangular shaped enclosure with soft sand coating the ground. At the center, there appears to be a wide, circular grate that allows blood to drip through to the earth below. A wide pit sits between the sandy floor of the arena As a showcase for blood sports, the Arena is actually surprisingly well-kept in comparison to the Temples.

Decorating the walls are several rows of tzompantli, better known as ‘skull racks’. One can imagine what these shelves display. The walls are carved with depictions of what appears to be battles and conflicts, ultimately lending their significance to visual representations of Kukulcan and his various incarnations. These reliefs manifest themselves elsewhere on other architectural elements, such as on the comb roofs, stair stringers, columns, and arches. On either side of the Arena sit two step pyramids with small chambers beneath it that house the combatants until they are ready to enter the Arena.

When events are not taking place, the Arena is completely deserted. During Arena events, it’s a very different sort of story. Not only are the torches lit, but the seating appears to be alive with hundreds of strange, shadowy, twisting figures.

Arena Event #1: Maxwell vs. Lukas
by Maxwell
May 2, 2014 5:51:40 GMT

The Floating Island

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