Where is the character application?

Our applications are actually right in your member profile. Go to your profile, and fill in the fields

How long does my profile need to be?

You'll want to have at least ten sentences for appearance and personality. (The bio field isn't required.) If you're having trouble with that, a staff member can help by giving you prompts about things you could add in.

Do you have a word count for posts?

Nope! But please, do give your partner something to respond to.

Are tables required?

Nope! They are completely optional. However, if you do format text without changing the background, don't change the colour of the text - it might be hard to read on skins other than the one you've selected

Where is the account switcher?

Go to User CP. "Account Switcher" is under "Miscellaneous" at the bottom of the lefthand menu where "Edit Profile" can be found.

Can I use my own made up species?

Of course!

Can I use drawings to represent my character?

Sure, they just need to be yours. (Either you have drawn them, someone has drawn them for you, or you have permission to use the artwork.) Don't simply take images or art from a Google search.

Oooooh, powers are allowed. Shiny. How about mind control?

Mind reading, mind control, physical control of another character, extensive empathy, and similar powers aren't allowed because they qualify as powerplaying. Your character may have possessed such powers before dreaming in, but they will have disappeared by the time they woke up.

What sorts of abilities / powers can my character have?

Most basic powers are okay. Elemental, healing, flight, enhanced physical attributes, shapeshifting, telekinesis, invisibility, etc. We encourage creativity.

How many powers can my character have?

0 to 3 (max) is the rule of thumb. Keep in mind that you can't have three strong powers. They need to balance out. As a side note, characters with no powers have higher immunities to magic.