Getting Started

To make an account on the forum, simply click register and sign up with your character's name. To apply and get your character onto the site, you first need to fill out your character's profile in Profile>Edit Profile>Personal. A character will not be accepted unless their profile has been filled in completely.

- Personality and appearance require a solid paragraph each. (About ten sentences.)
- Strengths and weaknesses are to be listed as bullet points.
- The biography field refers to your character's history. It may be formatted as paragraphs or bullet points.
-The maximum number of powers that your character can have is three. Powers are abilities that your character can do that are supernatural in nature.

Once you're finished, fill out the short application form and post in the Application forum with your character's name as the title. Once that's done, a staff member will accept you and move your character into the appropriate group. When you make significant changes to a profile, it is imperative that you notify a staff member. They will let you know if these changes are acceptable.

01. One account per character. Each account should be whatever the character goes by, properly capitalized. This will usually be their first name, but it can be nicknames, first and last names, or whatever else you want. Once you've made your account, go to your user profile to write up your character's profile in the Personal tab. Ensure that you've put an OOC name as well. We prefer that the OOC name is different from your character's name, but if not, that's fine.

02. Accepted before roleplaying. Your character’s account needs to be accepted before you can begin roleplaying.

03. OOC accounts. There are no ooc member accounts. OOC discussion would be labeled and/or in the appropriate board. The only accounts that are not characters include staff accounts and NPCs.

04. Avatars and signatures. The size for avatars is 200x300. Don't upload the avatar directly to the forum, as this will resize it to 150x150 by default. Upload them elsewhere.

05. Account linking. Don't forget to make use of the proboards account linking feature. If you would like to know how to do this, contact a staff member.


Although Lucid is flexible with characters allowed in the site, we ask that members be sensible in what is brought into the canon. Both humanoid and non-humanoid species are permitted, providing they follow the listed criteria.

01. Original / existing species. Feel free to use original species that you've created on your own, or others' species that you have explicit permission to use.

02. Mythological species. Species that appear in ancient mythology (unicorns, phoenixes, gryphons, centaurs) are a-okay. Specific named figures from mythology, such as gods and goddesses, are iffier, however, and we would prefer that you stay away from them.

03. Copyrighted species. Your character cannot be of a unique species that is from a commercial or mass universe. In other words, no xenomorphs from Alien or trolls from Homestuck running around.

04. No clones. Don't base your character off of another one that isn't yours, be it a character from a copyrighted universe or one on-site. It's copying. Characters that were inspired by other ones are fine, of course, but if it's bad enough that people repeatedly notice the similarity, you need to rethink your character.

05. Multiple characters? Before you make additional characters, make sure that your already existing one(s) is / are active and that you use them actively.

06. No one is perfect. Nor should your character be. If we feel if your character is a Mary Sue, it will not be accepted.

07. Character bans and encouraged characters. At times the staff may ban certain character types if we feel they are becoming too numerous. Once the numbers are evened out again, this character type will be opened up to be played again. There are also character types that will be encouraged, and you might get something special for making a character of this specific type, become involved in plots, etc.

Not sure if your character can fit? (It probably can.) Feel free to ask a staff member.