The universe is made up of billions of different worlds and billions of different dimensions. Within the universe, there are an infinite number of worlds. Between these worlds is a combining force: a space between spaces, an interdimensional glue. This force can be very open between some worlds, allowing individuals to pass into dimensions that are not their own, it can also be completely closed off between others. While all of these dimensions are massively different from each other, they do have one unifying occurrence, and that is dreams. Rest is a universal concept. Everything must rest and everything must consequently dream. In dreams, creatures of all dimensions catch glimpses of other worlds, projecting their essence into them. However, most beings are completely unaware of the significance of their dreams.

Guarding over these worlds, existing in this interdimensional force are many different types of deities. These deities watch over aspects of the world, create worlds, and even destroy them. Among these deities was the ambitious and spiteful Kukulcan. Kukulcan had once been a mighty and powerful god of a dimension that was all his own. However, the inhabitants of his world began to forget about him, and as they did he lost his godlike powers. Eventually, Kukulcan was pushed aside by other deities, and no longer had anything to watch over. To prove his power and to make the deities that had replaced him look like fools, he wove the universal fabric into its own world. Since he no longer had the ability to create life, he instead quietly filled it with objects and landforms stolen from other worlds.

Now faced with the dilemma of populating his new world, Kukulcan began to steal occupants of other worlds the only way that he could: by stealing them through dreams.


Your character's journey here starts when they wake up in the Dream World. Often times, they are waking up from a particularly strange dream, but sometimes there is no dream at all. Your character can regard it as a new start or look to escape. Exploring the Dream World is dangerous, but it's possible they may make some friends with confused dreamers. It's entirely up to you.