01. Be respectful towards other players, staff, and guests alike. This should be simple - we've all gone over this in kindergarten. Drama is NOT permitted out of character in any way, shape, or form. (In character drama is encouraged)

02. Inform us. Please let us know if you are unable to roleplay for an extended period of time and post in our absentee board to let us know. Don’t worry - none of your characters will be deleted.

03. Be sensible. Use common sense. Please ask if you're unsure of anything. The staff members are happy to help and answer questions!


01. No godmodding, metaplaying, or powerplay. If you need explaination as to what these terms are, please contact a staff member.

02. No mind control. Your character cannot have abilities that allow them to control other characters or read their minds in any way.

03. Killing another character without permission is not permitted. For a character to be killed, you MUST have the other person's permission.

04. Sexual themes are okay in moderation. No graphic sex or rape. We ask that you refrain from explicit sexual sexual situations and IC sex. If it absolutely needs to happen, fade to black or do it privately.

05. We run on liquid time. This means your character can be in more than one thread at one time (as long as you have some sort of order of events / threads set up).

06. There is no word count on posts. Proper grammar, punctuation, etc is encouraged.

07. Third person, past tense is preferred, but not required. First person and / or present tense is okay as long as you stick to a consistent form within the same thread.

08. Eight characters is the limit. There is no post requirement between characters, but please make sure that you can handle the ones you have before you create a new one.

Note: We handle problems on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to enforce obvious or implied rules that may not explicitly be listed here. Significant modifications to the rules will be announced sitewide.